TARDENOCHE Evony Oral Sex Male Masturbator Suction and Vibration 2 Motors USB Silicone

11,900.00 kr.

Vibration, suction, a stimulation on the glans that simulates the sensation of oral sex, these are some of the characteristics of Evony, the new male masturbator from Tardenoche.

Evony is the definitive male masturbator, since it has features designed and designed to make your experience as realistic as possible, both in terms of materials and functions.

Evony has a fairly traditional design, an elongated body, with a narrow interior and flexible walls with a 360º surround system. But thanks to its high quality silicone materials it is soft, perfect for stimulating the glans while simulating oral sex.

Its opening simulates a mouth and its tunnel a throat, tight and seductive. But not only this, but it has functions that raise these sensations to impressive levels.

Lets review Evony´s qualities:

  • It has 14 vibration functions, from the most traditional to the most powerful vibrations. These vibrations are perfect to stimulate both the shaft of the penis and the glans, doubling the pleasure.
  • But what really impresses about Evony is her intense sucking function. This suction causes Evony to move back and forth, causing the typical movements that you would experience when receiving a good dose of oral sex, deep throat.
  • Its motors are independent, so you can use the suction function on the one hand and the vibration function on the other, or both together for an explosion of pleasure.

The two functions together improve your efficiency and effectiveness, increasing your duration and increasing your climax. It is totally waterproof, for your enjoyment under water and rechargeable by USB.

Remember to use your favorite water-based lubricant, such as Nanami N-506, so that the experience is maximized and clean it before and after using it with a good toy cleaner, such as N-507.


  • Hyper realistic sensation of oral sex
  • 14 vibration functions
  • 7 suction functions
  • Amazing oral sex sensation – deep throat
  • 360º enveloping sensation – total stimulation
  • Independent motors
  • Powerful and quiet engines
  • Waterproof
  • High-quality, body-safe and soft silicone
  • Low noise level
  • USB rechargeable


  • Totals: 15cm x 3.1cm
  • Insertable length: 8 cm

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